Best Friendship Status For Whatsapp  2020 | Friendship Day Status 2020

Friendship Status - Best Friendship Status For Whatsapp
Friendship Status - Best Friendship Status For Whatsapp

Best Friendship Status For Whatsapp website provides you one of the best and funny friendship status for WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and for many other proposes. Friendship is a relationship that we do not choose at the time of birth but it automatically happens when we meet a person who was just like us.

Friendship Status For Whatsapp 

  1. The Person who was with you when no one is with you is your bestie
  2. Friends know all your best moments in life, And Best Friend lives those best moments with you. There is no End in the Friendship whether we are close or not.
  3. Friendship is better than blood relationships if you have that special bestie.

  4. The person who knows all about you after your mother is called Bestie.

  5. Love you My Mad, My Crazy, My Ugly, Friend, My Bestie.

  6. It is not Important That You Make Thousands Of Friends, Important is making one friend who is equal to millions of friends.

  7. When we are with our friends, the hour is pass like the seconds......

  8. Friendship is a responsibility like a family, not an opportunity like a job

  9. Friendship means love, Friendship Means Feeling, Friendship Means Care, Friendship Means You My Bestie

  10. In Friendship, Two Types of friends are  Included 1st Fake Friends Which Are So Much In This World And 2nd Special Friends Which Are So Rare Like You.

  11. Friendship is like money when you have the money you can get anything, the same happens in the case of friendship when you have true friends you can fight with anyone.

  12. Love is not only made for couples or lovers, but It is also made for true friendship ......

  13. Friends know you better than your Lover, Family members

  14. Friends are the flower that gives you a Beautiful Smell lifetime free of cost.

  15. Friendship is the Language which is spoken by Feelings

  16. Friendship is the relationship in which we know another person feeling without taking with him.

  17. In Friendship, Best Friend Have The Power To Talk With You  Through The Expressions.

  18. Best Friend is mostly Talk Through The Expressions Of each Other.

  19. Expressions are the Best Language Of Friends.

  20. Friendship Is the part of the Feelings, Feelings are the part of Heart, Heart is the symbol of love and love is the special word for True Friend (Bestie)

  21. Medicines and friendship are almost the same, medicine is the solution to problems, and friends are also the solution to your all problems. But There is One Difference in it. Friendship Not have any type of expiry Dates.

  22. Best Friends have the power of making you happy when you are so sad.

  23. A Best Friend Will Always Ready For Your Help Even Problem Is So Big And Don't Have Any Solution.

  24. Many persons are come in your life and go out of your life, but a true friend never live you alone even he was so far from you.

  25. Peoples come and go in your life, but best friends create a good and crazy memory in your hearts

  26. The best Friend is the one who doesn't feel awkward with you, even you have done so many awkward things.

  27. Best Friends are those who care for each other but don't tell this to each other.

  28. Always Member That Best friend Loves You More Than Your Girlfriend Or Wife.

  29. Friends have the ability to laugh you in their presence and cry you in their absence.

  30. When we are with your friends it does not matter who sad or hurt you are they make you happy in any condition.

  31. We All Are In The Generation In Which Friendship Only Limited On Friendship Day Band.

  32. If You Don't Know What Is Real Friendship Then Your Are Life Is Just WASTE Of Time.

  33. Friendship has the power to Destroy your pain and problems in seconds.

  34. Friendship is not Knowing Someone for a long time, Friendship Is Entry In Someone Life And Never Leave Them Alone.

  35. I Am Bless By God Because I have The friends like you Bro.

  36. Friends Are The Real Happiness Of Life, If You Don't Have A Best Friend Then Hurry to Make One, And Then Feel How Your Life Chance.

  37. Friends Cry On My Died, But My Best Friend Change My Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Status To Chilling With Gods...

  38. Thanks, My Friends For Always Ready For My Help, And For Making Me That Happy In My Life. Happy Friendship Day To All. Love You Guys.

  39. Always Remember That Friends Silence Hurts More Than Enemies Actions To Hurt You.

  40. I Always Believe That My All Friends Are Angel For Me Who Send By God To Help Me In Any Problem.

  41. When Best Friend Done Anything Wrong With You Always Member Thousands Of Good Things He/She Done For You.

  42. Friendship Is like The Oxygen For Your Body. Without Friendship, Life Is Nothing And Meaning Less.

  43. Always Remember That EGO Is The Biggest Enemy OF Friendship And Love.

  44. We All Are Different From Each Other Your Religion Make Us Same ... The Religion Of Friendship...

  45. My Best Friend Talk With Me Through Face Expressions More Than Mouth.

  46. Life Is Crazy When Best Friend Is With YOu.

  47. Friendship Is Like The Rainbow Colours We All Have Different Personalities Like Rainbow Colours But Don't Live Without Each Other.

  48. Friends Are The Best Advisors For Impressing The Crush, And Friends Are The Best Medicine To Forget Our EX.

  49. Walking With Best Friend On The Bad Road Is Better Than Walk On The Good Road Alone.

  50. Friendship Is Like A Ball Which Has No End. 

Best Friends Forever Status

  1. A friendship which has the end never really a friendship 

  2. Fake Friendship Is Like Our Shadow. They With YOu When You are In Bright Side Of Life And Leave You Alone When You Are In Dark Side Of Life.

  3. The Person Who Knows All Bad Habits Of You And Still Loves You Is Best Friend.

  4. Best Friends Are Difficult to find, hard to forget, and impossible to hate.

  5. Live Hard Life With Friends Is Better Than Easy Life In Alone.

  6. The Person Who Talk Nice About You Besides Your Back Is Only Your Best Friend.

  7. Finding A Friend is Easy But Finding A Best Friend Is Tough And Hard.

  8. Best Friends Are Like A Diamond, They Are So Pretigous And Very Few In Numbers.

  9. The most prestigious and important thing for me is bestie. And My Bestie Is You.

  10. The Most Important Thing In Friendship And Love Is Trust And Respect.

  11. Friendship is Thousands of sweet little things that happen in your life.

  12. Friendship Makes People More Strong And Happy

  13. Friendship Is The Most precious Thing For me. And I don't have the courage to lose this.

  14. We Think Friends Always Disturb Us For No Reason But The Real Reason Is That They Don't want we feel alone in there presence.

  15. The Best Way To Stay Close For Someone For Lifetime Is Make Them A True Friend. Not More Than Friend, Not Less Then Friend.

  16. Friends Are The Backup For All Of Us Which Give Us Support When We Are In Your BAD Times.

  17. Buying Friendship Is Just A Waste Of Time. Because it's not for sale.

  18. Friendship Is A priceless Thing That Cannot Buy By money.

  19. Money Don't Have The Power To By Real Friends.

  20. Friendship Is The Biggest Blessing Of God Which Is Priceless.

  21. I Am Surrounded By Amazing And Crazy Persons Who Are My Real Friends.

  22. Friends Are The Best Item For recipe Of Happy life.

  23. Most Beautiful star that shines in my heart, Bestie

  24. Friendship is all about sharing and caring for each other.

  25. I don't want to go to heaven because none of my friends are in heaven.

  26. Friends are the dangerous animals present in this world but still, I love them so much.

  27. The weirdest and crazy friend you know is always your bestie.

  28. True Friend can take bail for you to free you from jail but the best friend sit next to you and say, damn that was so awesome.

  29. You are the best friends if you talk half and hours for a little topic which has no sense.

  30. Best Friend is like a computer. which enter your heart, save you in their life and never delete you from their memory.

  31. Best Friend Sees Your Tears 1st, catch 2nd one and stop 3rd one.

  32. A Best Friend can easily spot your pain behind your Happy Face.

  33. Friends Are Those Who Walk Beside You, Not Behind Or Front Of You.

  34. Best Friends never get in the way of you unless you are in some problems.

  35. Life Is Beautiful With Best Friends.

  36. Always Remember That When No One Is With You Who Was There For You.

  37. River May Dry, Plants May Die. But Best Friends 'Never Say Good-Bye.

  38. Friends Come And Go, But The One Who Stays Are The True Friends.

  39. Friendship Has The Power To Change Bad time into good and Good Times into Unforgettable Moments In Your Life.

  40. If You Have One True Friend Then Your True Friend Is Equal To Thousand Of Friends

  41. With Friends, We ARe Not Just Enjoying The Life We Create Great Memories Also.

  42. The Best Friend Are Always Protect You From Your Enemies.

  43. Don't leave Your Friends Alone When They Need You The Most.

  44. A Real Friendship Can Change Your Life So Positively.

  45. If You Don't Have The Bestie In Your Life Then You Don't Really See The Real Happiness In The Life.

  46. True Friends Know All Your Stories And Adventure But The Best Friend Live That Stories And Adventure With You.

  47. If You Give Anythings To Your Best Friend Forget That Things Because You Cannot able to see them again.

  48. Friends Are Like The Family Members.

  49. They Are Not My Friends They Are My Brothers.

  50. Friends Are My Brothers From Another Mothers.

Friendship Status In English | Friendship Day Images In English

  1. Friendship is the Most prestigious Memory of your life. That's why Thanks to my all friends who give me these great memories. 

  2. Friendship is the fragrance of our life. Which makes your life Beautiful.

  3. Enjoy The Fragrance of Friendship Because This Fragrance is the most prestigious in the world.

  4. Friends are always better than lovers 

  5. Remember That Before to be a lover of someone, make them your close friend, Then I guarantee you, that person never leaves you alone in your life.

  6. Friends Are The Backup Of Our Smile.

  7. Friendship is the backup of our happiness.

  8. Friendship's second name is Support.

  9. Friendship means life with full of joy and happiness.

  10. If there is a shop for buying a best friend please tell me? I want one best friend for me.

  11. If it is possible to give a smile to someone then I give my smile to my bestie.

  12. I don't promise that I can solve your all problems. But I promise you that in your all problems I never leave you alone.

  13. In 2020 Making Friends Are Not Important, Making Best Friends Are Important.

  14. In 2020 Friendship Is Only Limited On 'Add' Button Present On Facebook.

  15. The Person Who Never Follow You On Instagram Is Not Your Friend In Real Life Anymore.
  16. My Friendship With My Bestie Is Like A Circle Which Has No End In This World.

  17. Friendship Is The Prestigious Thing That Money cannot buy. 
  18. Friendship Love Is Better Than Relationship Love.
  19. Choice One, Friendship Or Love

  20. In The War Of Friendship And Love. Friendship Always The Winner.

  21. Friendship Trust Is Stronger That Relationships Trusts.

  22. Respect + Trust + Love = Friendship #

  23. Smile + Emotions + Cheers + Heart = Friendship

  24. When We Happy Your Friends Also Happy, When We Are Sad Our Friends Also SAD. Love You All Guys.

  25. If Life Is The Dish, Then Friendship Is The Main ingredient In That Dish.

  26. When Best Friends Are With Us. Than The Biggest Problem Of Our Life Also Look Like Small Piece of shit.

  27. I am Available To Handle Any Problem In The Life If You Hold My Hand For Lifetime.

  28. Enemies Come and goes. But When True Friends Come They Never Go Back And Remain With You Forever.

  29. When Lovers Live In Long Distance Relationship Their Love Was Gone Soon But In Friendship It's Does Not Matter That Who Far The Friend Was Their Love Never Affected By Distance.

  30. Bestie is like a diamond, hard to find, lucky to have, And hard to leave.
  31. Real Friendship is that when the whole world is against you but someone holds your hand and fights with the whole world for you

  32. If Your Friends Don't Laugh At You Then They Are Not Your Real Friends.

  33. Love Has A End But True Friendship Has No End.

  34. Bad Times Will Always Reveal The Fake Friends.

  35. In Friendship, There Is No Limit For Rights.

  36. Fake Friends Always Call You When They Need Something From You. And True Friends Always Call You For No Reason And Make Happy You So Much.

  37. There are no perfect friends in this world but Better ones Are also present in this world.

  38. Friendship Is Not Something That We Can Able To Renew.

  39. Something Friends Hurts You More Than Your Enemies.

  40. Some Friends Are Just A piece of shit in your life.

  41. Some friends are worst than your enemies.

  42. I Have Thousands Of Friends Who Talk Bad About Me Behind My Back. But I Have Some Best Friends Who Can Beat Them All In One-Shot.

  43. It is better to be alone than spend time with fake friends.

  44. My Friends Love My Status More Than Me.

  45. When My Friends Seen My Status They One Say 'SEND ME'.

  46. It is The Talent That Writes A Status That Every friend Think That This Status Is For Me.
  47. The Person Who Sits With You When You Are Caring And Loves You No Matter What Happen. This Person Is Your Best Friend Forever.

  48. When You Have A Conversation With Best Friend, A Little Topic Like Ant Also Look Like An Elephant.

  49. Best Friends Have The Powers Of Talking An Hour On Small Topic.
  50. Some Friends Create A memories In Your Mind Which Is Unforgettable.

Friendship Status For Facebook | Friendship Status For Fb | Friendship Images For Fb

  1. Friends Are The Real Angels Send By The God To Help Us But Sometimes We Don't Realize This Because They Don't Have Wings.

  2. Friends Are The Best Advisors Of The World.
  3. All Friends Are Not Your Real Friends Some Of Them Are Nice, Very Nice But Fake Friends.

  4. Write Things About Me You Like Or Hate Then Put This Status On Your Status And Then See.

  5. The Friend Who Never Says Sorry Very Easily Is Your Real Best Friend.

  6. The Best Experience In Your Pasts Is Your Friendship.

  7. I Wish That Memories Have The Button Of Pause, Stop, And Play Because I Want To Relive My Friendship Days.

  8. If You Are With Your Friends And Feel Alone At The Same Time Then That Was Not Your Friends.

  9. Sometimes Your Friends Was Gone In The Busy Life Style Of This World But Thier Memories Always Present In Your Heart.

  10. If  You Are My Friend Then Act like a Friend All The Time Not Only When You Have Some Work With Me.

  11. Friendship is Like A Clap Happen From Two Sides Not From One Side.

  12. Friendship Is A Two Way Road Not A One Way Road.

  13. When Someone Don't Care About You Then It's Time To Move On In Life.

  14. Those Friends Who Change Their Nature Towards You After Knowing Bad About You Are Not Your Real Friends.

  15. Friends Are Also A Big Part Of Your FAMILY.

  16. Friends Are Like A Sweet Chocolate In Your Stress Life.

  17. Friendship Is UnForgetable Memory Of All Of Us.

  18. Sometimes Friendship Is Bitter Like A Neem But Only For Your Help.

  19. I Have The Best Group Of Friends In This World.

  20. My Friends, My life, My Rules

  21. Friendship Means A True Family.

  22. Friends Are The True And Real Family Members.

  23. Friends Are Priceless no one has the money to buy The Real Friends.

  24. Money Make Happiness But Money Cannot Make Friends.

  25. Best Friends Are Those Who Always Stand For You.

  26. Best Friends Are Who Treat You like A King Or Queen.

  27. The Person Who Are As Mental Like YOu Is Bestie

  28. A True Friend Always Know Your Real Value than Anyone Else.

  29. The Best Friend Are Those Who Think Always Positive About You Whenever All Peoples Talk Bullshit About You.

  30. Friendship Is A Real Blessing Of God.

  31. Friendship Is Blessing Of Love.

  32. Some Friends Believe On Rumors About You. But Best Friend Always Believe On You Over Rumors.

  33. Thanks, Guys to be My Friend In Life Because You Are The Best Friends In This world.

  34. Friends Create Happy Moments In Life But Best Friend Create Unforgettable Memory In Our Life.

  35. When Best Friend Sit Beside You, It's To Helpful For Us Even Best Friend Are Doing Nothing.

  36. Friends Hear What You Say But Best Friend Hear What You Don't Want To Say.

  37. Best Friends Are those who know what you want to say without talking to you.

  38. Friendship Is Happen With In A Second And Live With You Forever.

  39. Sometimes Friendship Is Happen By An Accident.

  40. Best Friends Are The Best Mirror Of Us.

  41. Friendship Is A Small Words But it Takes Long Process To Really Built.

  42. You Never To Be Friend With All Of Us.

  43. Friendship Is Something That You Never Get By Forceful Nature.

  44. Friends Are Like A Candle In The Mid Night.

  45. Love Is Temporary In Life But Friendship Is Permanent In Life. 

  46. Difference In Love And Friendship Is Simple, Friendship Is Forever And Love Depend On The Situation.

  47.  No Matter How Serious the Situation Is But Best Friend Have The Power To Laugh You Anytime.

  48. Always Remember That Your Most Stupid Friend Are The Best Friend Of You.

  49. It Doesn't Matter How Much Time We Spend On Together But it Goes Like A Second For Us. 

  50.  Life Goes On, But Friendship Memories Live In Your Heart Forever.

Funny Friendship Status | Funny Friendship Images

  1. Friendship Is Finding Someone Who Is As Mental As Yours.

  2. The Friend Who Have Same Mental Disorders Like You Are Always A Best Friend Of You.

  3. Most Dangers Enemy Of Our Respect Is Your Best Friend Who Always Tells Secret Things Which Are Not Tell Infront Of Others.

  4. I Am The Most Dangers Kind Of Friend Because Of Me You Have To Apologize To Your Parents Regularly.

  5. Life Is Ugly Thing If You Not Have The Best Friend To Teas.
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